Abby, Salt Lake City, UT

We want to thank you for your excellent product! We have enjoyed the movies many times. What we enjoy most is the CD. It is a staple in our car and played every time we turn the car on. The entire family knows all the lyrics and sometimes I feel we sing them in our sleep! This would not be bearable if the music were of poor quality, but it is not, it is of excellent quality! It is also a great day when we can wear our 20 Trucks shirt. We love that the movies are only 30 minutes and that we can pick different chapters to watch. Our son does not watch much TV, but we feel he has learned so much from your songs and DVDs. We spot every “truck” when we are out and about. His truck vocabulary astonishes family members, strangers, and friends. He is simply just using vocabulary he learned from your products. Thanks for putting out such a great product. We have recommended it many times and will definitely pass along the movie to a friend!

Tiffany, Fort Wayne, IN

I just wanted to contact you and tell you how much we love this product! We ordered the delux package with the tee shirt and the CD and the two DVDs and I can’t get over what an amazing bargain this was! The whole family really enjoyed this, and I can’t believe how immensely informative the movies are! I know I even learned a lot! My son is three and has always called all construction vehicles “tractors” and now he is learning not only the names of these vehicles but also a little bit about what they do and how they impact the world around him. This is a great feature for me, the way these movies and songs make my son more aware of things and how they affect each other is amazing. There simply aren’t words enough to express how happy I am with the whole thing. The price was way below what I feel this was worth, and the shipping was really quick! The quality of the videos and the creativity of the songs is above reproach. Thank you so much for providing an incredible value and a really enjoyable learning tool! I hope you make more like this for other items that kids enjoy.

Al, Ann Arbor, MI

The only thing that’s hard to decide is which my 2 year old nephew likes better, Truck Tunes or Twenty Trucks! He simply LOVES both and I could not be happier with the DVDs. He already knows two or three songs by heart, and he has only had the DVDs for a few days. He can now name more construction vehicles than most adults I know thanks to Truck Tunes! I strongly recommend these DVDs! The only complaint I have is, since I want to maintain my favorite uncle status, I now have to find a toy Delimber somewhere! Excellent work! Quality product – and Excellent service! When the post office lost my first order, the company stepped up and overnighted a replacement in time for my nephew’s birthday! Looking forward to the next DVD!

Dawn, Rocky Mount, NC

Seriously, we have the Bob the Builder DVD, the Watch Em Work series, I Dig Dirt, and the Rockin’ Wheels series – but the #1 DAILY request is “Twenty Trucks”. We really think that our son learned to count from this DVD, instead of Sesame Street. The other videos have been viewed once or twice each, while this one is on at least once a day. And, I have to tell you, my son even knows the intro “hammershark” voice and says it along with (your son?)! We are fans! I will be buying some more as gifts for upcoming birthdays I’m sure.

Vanessa, Riverstone, AUSTRALIA

Just want to let you know how much my son LOVES the ULTIMATE TRUCKS PACKAGE. They are great DVDs. Thanks for an awesome product. He has also taught himself how to eject DVD’s, press play & play & play…. He wiggles & dances to the songs. Very cool. From a HAPPY customer. –

Denyce, Fairfield, IA

Our 18-month old grandson is nuts for your trucks DVD. His mom tells us that it never fails to brighten his mood if he gets crabby. When I told him on a video call yesterday that you had made a dogs video as well, he went crazy in anticipation. Really waving his arms, saying “Yay, yay!” and jumping around. So of course I had to order it as soon as we finished the call. Thanks for your creative songwriting and making learning DVDs that children really love.

Meghan, Martinez, GA

We already have the set but I accidentally left the 20 Trucks DVD at the beach last week! TRAGEDY! I figured I’d order the package to share with friends. Great video! I attribute my son’s ability to count to 16 at 20 months old to the tractor trailer section of your video. (Once he gets to 16, though, he just says 16…16…16…16!) This set is literally the only thing he watches EVER for going on 5 months now. He will randomly break out in the Fork Lift Boogie. Anyway, I could advertise for you guys, or maybe he should. Thanks again for a hit!

Janet, Camano Island, WA

Thank you so much for your products! We bought the package for our truck-loving 3 year old son a couple months ago & he has loved them more than we expected. He watches the videos as often as we let him & he listens to the CD EVERY day, sometimes several times/day! I can barely get his little truck t-shirt clean before he puts it on again! (and it just happens to be “lellow”, which is his favorite color!) I’ve recommended you guys to everyone I know w/ a truck-loving preschooler! Our favorites are the excavator & fellerbuncher videos! Thanks for providing fun, wholesome, quality, age-appropriate entertainment for our little guy!

Stephanie, Manchester, MO

Just wanted to thank you for coming up with a fun and creative way to learn about trucks. Our 2 year old son watches it about twice a day and has really started to notice the difference between the trucks and what they are used for. We love the dvd and t-shirt. I do not know how you can up with all the lyrics, some of those are very good and educational. Thought you might want to know what a great impact this is making on young boys just like my son. He can’t live without it.