We want to thank you for your excellent product! We have enjoyed the movies many times. What we enjoy most is the CD. It is a staple in our car and played every time we turn the car on. The entire family knows all the lyrics and sometimes I feel we sing them in our sleep! This would not be bearable if the music were of poor quality, but it is not, it is of excellent quality! It is also a great day when we can wear our 20 Trucks shirt. We love that the movies are only 30 minutes and that we can pick different chapters to watch. Our son does not watch much TV, but we feel he has learned so much from your songs and DVDs. We spot every “truck” when we are out and about. His truck vocabulary astonishes family members, strangers, and friends. He is simply just using vocabulary he learned from your products. Thanks for putting out such a great product. We have recommended it many times and will definitely pass along the movie to a friend!