I ordered your Ultimate Trucks Package last week and received it yesterday and would just like to say thanks for such speedy service. My son is obsessed with “diggers”, any sort of truck or big vehicle is a digger to him. We live in Christchurch, New Zealand and since our big earthquakes last year there are diggers everywhere you go, so he always has a digger or truck to watch while driving round the city. My son (2 years old) has been quite sick lately and not much has made him smile, but as soon as I put the dvds on yesterday he can’t stop smiling and trying to sing along. (I already know all the words to the songs off by heart.) He has been jumping around the lounge dancing to the songs and before that he had no energy to do anything. He also will not take the t-shirt off – he currently has it over top of his pyjamas. So i just want to say thank you again for the great service and for making my baby happy even while he is sick. Also I was wanting to find out if you have the truck t-shirt in a men’s size as I would like to get one for my son’s grandad so they can wear them together. Thank you!!!!!!