I just wanted to contact you and tell you how much we love this product! We ordered the delux package with the tee shirt and the CD and the two DVDs and I can’t get over what an amazing bargain this was! The whole family really enjoyed this, and I can’t believe how immensely informative the movies are! I know I even learned a lot! My son is three and has always called all construction vehicles “tractors” and now he is learning not only the names of these vehicles but also a little bit about what they do and how they impact the world around him. This is a great feature for me, the way these movies and songs make my son more aware of things and how they affect each other is amazing. There simply aren’t words enough to express how happy I am with the whole thing. The price was way below what I feel this was worth, and the shipping was really quick! The quality of the videos and the creativity of the songs is above reproach. Thank you so much for providing an incredible value and a really enjoyable learning tool! I hope you make more like this for other items that kids enjoy.